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New Blog August 27, 2008

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This blog will no longer be “blogged”.

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Getting molded by the Father….

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I have bloggers block….

But I mainly came on here to say three things:

1. Flickr is not working well for me….so I apologize for the delay in pictures.

2. GO BIG BLUE!!!! (University of Michigan)

3. I may move my blog over to blogspot…working on it…we’ll see!

It’s been a good tough week…..both emotionally and spirtually. Keep praying and stepping in faith!



I have internet at HOME!!! August 23, 2008

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Ok….so I made mention recently (well probably my last post) that I did not get internet at home….

WELL…..somehow I am picking up a wireless network that is not locked up by a password–dare I say it might be a neighbors? Anyway, for the moment, I have internet at home. So my Flickr account is going to be updated tonight! Thus, when you go to my Flickr account, you will see more than a picture of my parents.


I went to the Music Builds Tour here in Indy. It is the second concert of the tour, thus I must say it was amazing. We had Jars of Clay, Rudolph Family Band….Third Day (one of the highlights) AND THE BEST: Switchfoot! Can I just say that I am a major Switchfoot fan?!?!?!?!!?!!!! I got the tickets free from some friends at church. They were unable to go, so they just gave them to me. We were right next to the stage too! It was awesome. I will post pictures on Flickr and I wll try to post on here!

So today, I basically sat on my butt. Yeah, I was pretty tired from my week, oh and from the concert! 🙂 But all in all it was a good day to be lazy….especially since Sundays are never lazy for me! I have to be to church early tomorrow to drop some things off.

I’m making friends slowly but surely. It’s hard because most of the people around my age just went back up to Olivet (the college I graduated from). Thus, I must make new friends….gotta get out of my shell a bit. So just keep praying!

Well two posts in one week….Julie will flip! 😀


I’m Still Alive! August 21, 2008

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Yeah, so I don’t blog very much. I go onto other people’s blogs and wonder why they haven’t blogged in awhile, and then I think….hmmmm Ale you haven’t blogged in awhile either! Anyway, I am more than settled into my new “home”. It’s really hard for me to call Avon home. Because let’s face it, my home is back where my family is–ever hear of the statement, home is where the heart is……well my heart is still back in KC somewhere. Yet, the people I have met here in Indy–at my church, or through my friends–have all been extemely welcoming and are good to make sure that I am ok. So, all in all I am settled into my Avon home, but I still do miss my friends and family back in my KC home. Just keep praying that everything will work out.

I’ve started my new job too! I absolutely love it! It’s definitely somewhat of a challenge, yet at the same time, it is worth every minute. The kids are what continually motivate me to keep up my hard work and give them a quality education!

I do intend on posting more pictures on my flickr account. However, I do not have internet at home yet, so it may be December before more pictures get posted. Oops! So for now, please enjoy the picture of my parents on my flickr account.

I did something stupid yesterday. I watched the movie Flight 93, which is about United Flight 93–on of the flights hijaked on Sept. 11, 2001. First off, I watched it by myself–mistake number 1. Second, I watched it at night–mistake number 2. Third, I watched it right before I went to bed–bet you can’t guess what my dreams were about! :O Anyway, I appriciate how a movie was made to honor the people who died, however, I should learn not to watch those movies by myself or at night!

I’ve got a friend who needs a lot of prayer right now. I’m sure we all have that one friend that we are praying for constantly–this friend–we’ll name Bob–Bob is searching for a job and a place to live and has very little time to do so, i.e. I think Bob has a week to do all this. So if it crosses your mind, please pray for Bob.

Ok, I best get back to what I was doing….but I thought I should come on and update!

Stepping in Faith


Whew… July 31, 2008

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The truck is loaded and Dad is off! Dad is driving the truck through the night! It’s so crazy. I can’t believe it, but I will be moving into my first apt tomorrow. It gives new meaning to the phrase: Mommy, WOW! I’m a  big kid now!

Anyway, I just hope my attitude improves. When I am stressed and worried, my attitude is less than pleasing. I feel awful, but for some reason I just do not control what comes out of my mouth…..sorry parents! This whole trying to honor your mother and father, yet trying to become an adult is extremely difficult.

I appriciate all your prayers through this move. it’s definitely scary, but really exciting at the same time!

There is also a prayer request for someone who I have never met personally. She has some relatives who are making decisions that from what I understand are tearing her family apart. This person is staying strong in her faith. Yet, I know it must be extremely difficult to maintain that faith, when her family is making hurtful decisions. I don’t know the whole situation–I don’t really know anything about it…but I do know that I admire this person for staying strong in her faith, throughout pain.

Please stay tuned for pictures on my Flickr account–I know I know…there is only one picture…I’m working on it!

Stepping in Faith–Alesha


I have a job!!! July 17, 2008

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Well, it’s official! I’m moving. I had an interview on Tuesday for a Business Education position in Indianapolis, and by the end of the interview I was offered the job. Today this afternoon, I received a call that my references were called and all was well…and all I have to do is go to the Personnel Interview (which I am told is a formality) where I will hopefully finish that day (July 29) signing my contract! I’ve got to say, after riding on a summer of faith, I am really glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now comes the time where I have to pack, find an apartment, finalize my Indiana teaching license (I have an IL just not IN), and hopefully have time to focus before school starts August 11. My friend’s parents have been nice enough to house me for a few days till I can find an apartment. I feel bad because I know that they have many other things on their plate, but they have been very welcoming! I love it at their house. 🙂

So the plan is go out on the 26th, look for an apartment, go to my Personnel interview on the 29th, fly back to Kansas City on the 30th, and then drive the U-Haul on the 1st of August (AH!)….and then my work meetings start back on the 6th…..(AH!)

So I’m taking a big step of faith and taking this job, and going to a new place, meeting new people (very scary to me…..), and trying a new life. Indy is a good city, and I hope and pray everything works out great!

Stepping in Faith


Here I sit… July 8, 2008

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I am sitting at work….blogging instead of actually doing something that is work related…..well I take that back…I do have work in front of me, I’m just going back and forth from my blog to my work.

So Julie finally taught me how to check to see if people are actually reading my blog, and they are! You all read, you just don’t comment. Not that I need anyone to comment on my blog…otherwise that would be conceited of me. However, it’s just nice to know someone is taking the time to sit and read my ramblings.

I wish I had more to ramble about. I don’t have a teaching job yet….but God has provided me with this Headquaters job until August 1. I found out a friend of mine had to leave her job in Illinois, and she put my name in. It’s for a first grade position. I haven’t heard from the principal yet (probably because Jeanne told her today), but I just hope something might come of it. At least an interview….of course that would mean me driving 8 hours away, but that’s ok if it means teaching! (Of course gas prices need to go down….badly…but I’m not sure that will happen this summer anyway).

Well that’s about it….hope ya’ll had a happy 4th! (I guess only U.S. citizens might follow that comment, however I hope everyone did have a wonderful 4th whether celebrating Independence Day or not).

Stepping in Faith


P.S. I think I have sung God Bless America more in the last week than I have in the last ten years (sad or what?)